We are the roses that bloom through concrete.

Blueboy Studios began with a powerful drive for storytelling that defies genres, shifts perspectives, and empowers the voiceless. Dorian Blue, resident dreamer and the Creative Director of Blueboy Photography, believed in Blueboy as a symbol for those who not only survive, but thrive and relentlessly defy the norm.

Dorian Blue, Exec. Director of Blueboy Studios. 

As a community storyteller and multi-hyphenate creative, Dorian Blue has always been interested in harnessing art towards personal transformation and social statements. "Before I dove into my career as an artist, I was a a critical scholar," Dorian Blue confesses. Literary scholarship continues to drive Dorian Blue's love for the works of James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, Octavia Butler, bell hooks, Maya Angelou, and Jordan Peele. "As an archivist, a documentarian, and a storyteller, I pay severe attention to detail in every project. I pull in rhetorical strategy and critical thinking into every artistic venture, and I enjoy working with strong theories in my work." When they aren't consulting with historic projects in DC, Dorian Blue is known for their work as a talented multimedia artist. Dorian Blue's first photography projects, Displacement and The BARE Project, were both concept-heavy and required intentional concept work with the models.

"I enjoy building highly conceptual projects that move across genres, pose questions, and leave the audience in a new state of mind." After several years in poetry, Dorian Blue is preparing the release of a book for Fall 2020. Tending the Garden will be available for purchase through Blueboy Studios, along with artwork from Blueboy Creative.

"BLUEBOY began as a creative project on the power of storytelling, and I believed in this concept as a multi-media storytelling brand long before we expanded to Blueboy Studios," Dorian Blue explains. "After working with narratives as a community storyteller and a documentarian, I was interested in exploring visual storytelling through photography. As a nonbinary artist, I was interested in exploring As an artist, I am a master of transformation. I worked with photography as a lens through which to study the world, capture the power in minute human moments, and understand the process of evolution that is intrisnic to our human experience."

Blueboy Photography debuted in Spring 2018 with a small but successful launch in 2018, gaining popularity among the queer and trans community as a LGBTQ-inclusive photography brand. As a nonbinary photographer, Dorian Blue wanted to feature models that represented a wide world of genders, sizes, and cultures. "I started a photo series called the BARE Project, which was an alternative boudoir series that provided a safe space for queer and trans bodies to reclaim their bodies in a space that was focused on liberation and joy." The recurring photo series gained quick popularity in DC following its launch, and Blueboy Photography was soon capturing events for the University of Maryland's Pride Alliance, the LGBT Task Force, and Black Lives Matter.


By the summer of 2019, Blueboy Photography was featured in major publications, alongside multiple features in television and radio. Timeless, evocative, and electric with wonder, Blueboy Photography stirred a scene in DC's arts community. By May 2020, photos from Blueboy Photography's first series were featured in gallery exhibitions across the Capitol. In June 2019, Blueboy Photography was featured in WETA Arts alongside the work of Lisa Thalhammer. As Dorian Blue gained recognition as a visual storyteller and gender advocate, their photography brand became well-known for evocative visual storytelling and emotional shots. View the full portfolio for Blueboy Photography.

Dorian Blue's once-modest photography business exploded into a highly-recognized name by the end of 2019, with Blueboy Photography forging community partnerships with Makers Lab and Woolly Mammoth in Spring 2020. "We wouldn't be where we are today without our community partners," says Dorian Blue. "I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share these stories within the community." Blueboy Photography is a proud community partner for Black in Space, a virtual Black Pride celebration powered by Makers Lab, set to lift off May 21-25, 2020. Tickets are available online for the virtual Black Pride festival.

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