Blueboy Creative is a visual arts brand that empowers individuals to embrace their unique stories, liberate their narratives, and bloom without restraint. Following the prolific launch of Blueboy Ceative in Summer 2019, Dorian Blue's visual art has been featured in WETA Arts, Washington CityPaper,  and MetroWeekly, among numerous interviews on television and radio.

"At the end of the day, it’s about letting your words have a life of your own," says Dorian Blue. You are the divine master of your own story. With this being the case, why do you still allow someone else write your narrative? Blueboy Creative is focused on empowering individuals to be the authors of their own stories, and to be bold with their visions. And with that self-empowered narrative comes a necessary process of healing and liberation. First, I invite you to start with your tongue. Understand the narratives around your roots. Exercise your right to tell your story. And once you have successfully done that work, I challenge you to speak your mind."

Image by Your Rouge Photography, 2019

As a healer and a mental health advocate, Dorian Blue focuses on empowerment and liberation as the cornerstones of  Blueboy Creative. "My visual art is a conduit for healing expression — art allows space for the uninhibited expression of rage, confusion,  heartache, and joy. All of those rich colors blend together on the canvas, mixed in the quintessential messiness of what it means to be human. This raw, human process of expression encourages a mode of catharsis that is unapologetically messy.  As we choose and curate the fearless life that we desire, the relationships that we deserve, and the homes that we crave, the process is very much like tending a garden. And that’s where blooming comes in. What are you willing to prune within your garden so that you can fully bloom? Are you ready to get your hands dirty as you wrestle with your healing?"

— Dorian Blue, Artistic Director of Blueboy Creative

As a story coach, mental health advocate, and multi-hyphenate creative entrepreneur, Dorian Blue harnesses the arts to connect clients to their narrative power. Dorian Blue leads powerful storytelling workshops that incorporate techniques in painting, poetry, collages, interpretive dancing, and more. Blueboy Creative partners directly with organizations to curate workshops, artist panels, speaking events, walk-through gallery exhibitions, arts-focused community events, archives, and more. To collaborate with Blueboy Creative on a new venture or request our expertise at an upcoming event, send an email to our team.

View select artwork by Blueboy Creative in the following gallery.

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