Community Guidelines


  1. Absolutely no forms of hate speech, bullying, violence, or spiritual warfare will be tolerated within Perennial Bloom.

  2. All members are responsible for their own actions, regardless of the original intent. When conflict arises, all members agree to either submit to our community accountability process or be removed from Perennial Bloom. Those removed from Perennial Bloom due to internal conflict will not receive a refund for the remainder of their membership.

  3. Our mod team reserves the right to screen applicants before accepting them into our online community. In rare cases, this screening process may include the request of additional information. We reserve the right to deny or postpone any pending membership request, in accordance with our internal screening process. Pending members will not be charged for Perennial Bloom until their membership is accepted. 

  4. While all members are subject to screening, this is not a community of surveillance. We do not make a habit of constantly monitoring our members outside of the community events and happenings hosted within Perennial Bloom. 

  5. We reserve the right to investigate any disturbances or complaints as brought to us by our community members, and to make the decision that best aligns with our community values.

  6. Our community prioritizes marginalized groups, with the focus of our programming geared towards Black and Indigenous communities. While few members may be accepted outside of these target communities, our primary goal is to create a safe space for healing and liberation outside of the lens of white supremacy. We reserve the right to decline access to members who fall outside of our target audience, in accordance with our screening process.

  7. Perennial Bloom is a safe space for members to share from their personal experiences. What is shared in confidence within the confines of Perennial Bloom does not leave Perennial Bloom. Our members-only events all adhere to this standard of safety. Our public events have a more relaxed standard for sharing via social media: for certain online events, we encourage sharing with the use of designated hashtags.