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Original Paintings

One of a kind artworks.


Dorian Blue is an artist with a lifetime of experience in [multifaceted creation]


Prices range from $150 to $2600.


The sizes range from 11x14 to 24x30. Many of our artworks are framed in beautiful settings that compliment their regality; however, all pieces can be custom framed to the desire of the buyer.



Please allow 7-10 days to fulfill your order. All original artworks are hand-signed by the artist and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Artworks priced at $500 or higher are available for biweekly payment plans, 6 weeks to 6 month. Apply for an installment plan.


Installment Plans

Biweekly payment plans are available for all artworks priced over $500.  Payment plans are available for time frames ranging from 6 weeks to 6 months (i.e. 3 biweekly payments over the course of 6 weeks, or 12 biweekly payments over the course of 6 months). Apply here for a personalized installment plan.


Please be aware that installment plans are an agreement between the artist and a potential buyer. When a painting is placed on layaway, it is reserved for the potential buyer until 70% of the amount has been paid. After which point, the painting will be prepared for shipping. Please allow 3-5 following your final payment for us to ship your artwork.


 Installment plans include a 10% fee to the original price. Delayed payments may be subject to a $30 late fee, following a 72 hour grace window. 


If payment is returned 3 times without communication, the payment plan may be subject to cancelation. In the case that an installment plan is cancelled due to failure to abide by the payment agreement, the artwork will be taken off hold. Please ensure that your payment methods are up to date in time for each biweekly payment to avoid any potential fees or cancellations.



Collector’s Edition

These artworks embody the beauty of the originals in a variety of sizes and materials. 


Many of the artworks make for phenomenal centerpieces when ordered in larger sizes.


Metal prints, acrylic installations, and fine art wraps.


Our Collector’s Edition pieces are custom ordered through a high-quality supplier, and are not fulfilled in house by Blueboy Studios. Many orders are fulfilled within 10-15 days and are shipped securely through FedEx. Please allow 15-20 days to receive your order. Due to the nature of the coronavirus pandemic, please be aware that packages may be subject to shipping delays.


Fine Art Prints

Fine art prints in expansive sizes, on high quality Fine Art paper. These sizes range from 11x14 to 24x36. To discuss framing options, please contact us at



Printed and fulfilled in house by Blueboy Studios. Many of our most well-known artworks are available in sizes 5x7, 8x10, and 8.5x11. These prints make phenomenal gifts to family and friends.




Shipping and Handling

Return Policy

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