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Perennial Bloom is a members-only online community dedicated to healing and liberation. Our membership prioritizes marginalized communities, with the majority of our work dedicated to Black and Indigenous people.

At Blueboy Studios, we curate this space as an intentional online community where we provide the tools to water and tend to the seeds of your intent, so that you can bloom into your purpose with the right avenues of support.​ Join our Members Area to connect with others who are committed to personal growth, expansion, and accountability. Members of Perennial Bloom get special access to Blueboy Studios through special events, 1-on-1 services, products and digital content curated for those pursuing their higher path. 

At Blueboy Studios, we believe that strong and reliable community is integral to individual and collective growth. We offer special events, classes, and community check-ins to a foster positive environment for those dedicated to pursuing their purpose. 


Becoming a member is simple: before you purchase your membership, the site will prompt you to register for an account with Blueboy Studios. Once you are approved to join our Members Area, you will have the option to join Perennial Bloom. We implement this 2-step process to allow time for additional screening of all potential members, so that we can protect the growth and integrity of our online community.


Join Perennial Bloom today to access our vibrant online community! The membership fee is $11 per month, billed monthly from the start of your membership.

Join Perennial Bloom for members access to Bloom Corridor, our community space dedicated to learning and collective growth!

Join us weekly for special topics and conversations, facilitated in a space of warmth and community.


When you join Perennial Bloom, you will be the first to know about upcoming events and group offerings at Blueboy Studios. Members get exclusive access to blog posts, learning materials, special workshops, and digital content!

Members also enjoy discounts for select events, courses, and group sessions! Enjoy all these perks and more when you join Perennial Bloom.