Uncut Your Tongue: An Invitation to Release Your Truth

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Why do you hold your tongue? Perhaps you were taught your words were too weighty for the world to hold — and so you revel and rage in silence. Or perhaps you fight back words that are sharp enough to wound — and so, as a pacifist, you push back your vitriol. Have you grown bitter yet from all the truths unspoken? Do they roughen your internal world and fracture your worldview? Where do you safely unpack your overwhelmed emotion, your trembling anger, and your unmet desire?

The rebirth of my artistic practice originated with a near-animalistic need to be free. While I had always engaged deeply in multiple mediums of artistic expression, my relationship with acrylic paint was quickly identified as the roar of a different beast.

When I first began to let my feelings loose on the canvas, the process was messy. I gave myself room to paint outside the lines.

In that space, I allowed myself room to be nothing other than what I was. I gave myself full permission to represent the most authentic expression of my human experience. I allowed myself space to be vividly furious, fiercely feral, and boldly unapologetic.

After allowing myself to wrestle with everything that seemed to heavy and too expansive and intricate and tangled and convoluted to hold inside of my body, I looked at the canvas in front of me and identified a powerful work of art. As I allowed my breath to slow back to normal, I recognized within uniquely feral nature that there was a curious truth to be uncovered about what it truly means to be human. Within forms made from clay, our spirits embody a passionate alignment with the supernatural. All artistic forms are, therefore, created in recognition of unnatural and otherworldly truths that would otherwise be left unidentifiable.

Blueboy Studios is focused on empowering individuals to be the fearless authors of their own stories: it is time to be bold with your voice. Decolonize your silence. Free your expression across willing surfaces on days that words are inaccessible. Absolve your need to hide behind half-truths and pleasant lies. Uncut your tongue — and with that, liberate your truth.

At the end of the day, it’s about letting your words have a life of their own. You are the divine master of your own story. Your narrative aches to be released. Your words struggle against the limits you have placed on your tongue. Where have you compromised the unique power of your voice?

First, I invite you to start with your tongue. Understand the narratives around your roots. Exercise your right to tell your story. And once you have successfully done that work, I challenge you to speak your mind.

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