What is a blessing bottle?

Blessing Bottles are floral necklaces that carry a unique arrangement of dried flowers, with a blessing to protect individuality and uplift personal power for the wearer.


Each necklace carries a blessing to bring power, protection, and peace to the beneficiary. There are 4 types of blessing bottles available:


Lavender: Rest, love, protection for peace of mind

Rose: Love, protection of the heart space

Calendula: Healing 

Multicolor: Individuality, protection for members of the LGBTQIA+ community


This listing represents the purchase of uniquely designed blessing bottle. Each bottle is packaged safely for transit in its own jewelry box. Each bottle includes an authentic floral arrangement of dried material. Please do not open your blessing bottle pendant, wear in humid or wet conditions, or store your bottle in a damp environment.


This order will be packaged and shipped by Blueboy Studios. Please allow for a processing time of 5-7 business days.

Blessing Bottle

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