Blueboy Studios is a full-service storytelling company that empowers creatives, entrepreneurs, and movements of all sizes. We provide a platform for creatives, entrepreneurs, and survivors to access training and support as they own their story, raise their voice, and build their dream career. Blueboy Studios empowers our network through private Story Coaching, resource sharing, and representation. We believe that there is power in every story, and that our capacity for genius is unlocked when we consciously choose to own our story and pursue our dreams.


Blueboy Studios challenges creatives, visionaries, and entrepreneurs to commit to their passion and build powerful platforms. We support our clients in their vision through professional branding, tailored design services, and targeted marketing strategies. Our creative team provides a full range of professional and creative services, alongside a growing online community and weekly online resources, to inspire you to bloom. Ready to make the leap into your dream career? Book your first call with our creative team.

Studio Photography

Blueboy Photography is skilled in visual marketing, media production, product photography, real estate photography, promotional photoshoots, and more. Blueboy Photography has been featured in WETA Arts, the Washington Blade, 

MetroWeekly, and radio interviews.

Our professional media team has curated content for Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, Black Lives Matter DC, the Latinx History Project, and Makers Lab, among many other noteworthy collaborators. Learn more about our history via our website.

Contact Blueboy Photography for event coverage, documentary photography, promotional work, and more.

Visual Arts | Literary Arts

Blueboy Creative works directly with community partners to facilitate workshops, artist panels, narrative projects, and motivational speaking events. We specialize in workshop trainings on the application of visual art and storytelling  for mental wellness, storytelling for survivors, emotional release workshops, and narrative building.

Story Coaching

Dorian Blue provides private story coaching with clients who are committed to unlocking their narrative power. 

Your narrative has the power to change lives. Are you ready to master your story?

Claim liberation, abundance, and empowerment with Blueboy Studios. Invest in private coaching.


Branding & Marketing

Blueboy Studios works directly with our clients to create fluid branding and design, social media marketing strategies, ad content, and account management. When you trust in Blueboy Studios, you are investing in a talented team that is entirely invested in your success. Our creative team uses innovative techniques to combine strategic planning with powerful storytelling, resulting undeniable results and increased community engagement. 


Our company collaborates with a growing network of creatives, photographers, curators, producers, visionaries, and storytellers. Read more about our philosophy or reach out to our team to discuss your vision.

Network Building & Personal Branding

Our team specializes in professional development, network scaling, and professional branding. Contact us to learn more about our professional services.

Website Design & Social Media

Blueboy Studios works with our clients to design beautiful websites and social media content that resonates with your audience. With over 12 years in web design and 7 years in copywriting, our design team curates content that represents your brand with creativity and precision. Contact us to get started on your new website.

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